The high dynamic range and complexity of modern proteomics samples require maximum speed and sensitivity to capture as many peptides as possible. The amaZon speed ion ETD ion trap is capable of identifying more low abundant proteins due to its greatly increased MS/MS duty cycle. 

The instrument offers a wide variety of a applications such as methods for the identification of unknown protein mixtures and excised gel bands, the analysis of glycan composition and isomer specific glycan identification. In addition, the option for ETD applications allows for more complete protein sequence information to be obtained as well as the in-depth site-specific analysis of post translational modifications.

Technical Information

Installed in November 2011 at BOKU Vienna. Direct coupling with nano-/capflow HPLC systems or direct infusion via syringe pump is possible.

This compact and exceptionally robust instrument sets new standards in protein identification due to its enhanced MS/MS speed (scan speed of 52,000 u/sec at a peak width < 0.5 u for resolution of doubly charged ions), new SWIFT isolation and SMART fragmentation. The amaZon speed ion ETD ion trap offers outstanding sensitivty due to the dual ion funnel transfer and enables the operator to perform ETD/PTR applications for full PTM analysis.

A key advantage with ion trap MS is its ability to perform multistage MS such as MSn, in which reaction or fractionation stages can be performed repeatedly, providing highly useful ionic structure information in both positive and negative ion mode.