Master Thesis; Chemical modification of biopharmaceuticals with polysialic acid 

PhD-Position; Dept. of Chemistry & Dept. of Nanobiotechnology Glycochemistry Group

Pyruvylation of cell wall polymers is pivotal to sticking bacterial cell walls together. The project “Molecular basis of cell wall pyruvylation” funded by the FWF grant P 32521 (PIs: Christina Schäffer and Paul Kosma) is aimed at the chemical synthesis of defined secondary cell wall polymer fragments and biosynthetic intermediates, which will be used as acceptors for bacterial pyruvyltransferases, NMR and crystallographic studies.
Applicants should have a diploma or master degree in organic chemistry or a related discipline.

Strong interest in synthetic organic chemistry, experience in common analytical and purification methods (HPLC, MS, NMR) and dedication to experimental work lege artis documentation is required.

The position (salary according to FWF personnel costs for graduates) will be available for 3 years from October 2019.

Information and application: Prof. Paul Kosma
Phone +43-1-47654-77355