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PhD position
available in the Luschnig Lab

Water deprivation, is a consequence of changing environmental parameters, represents one of the most immanent problems for agriculture. This has far-reaching consequences for crop plants, which inevitably also affects the most vital resource for a functional society - food supplies. Genetic engineering produced a variety of transgenic crop plants, adapted to environmental stress conditions. Nevertheless, owing to legislative and -perhaps even more relevant- limited public acceptance, such GM crops are unlikely to find their way onto local farmland.

In a recently funded project, we will combine results from basic research obtained in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana and molecular breeding, for generation of droughttolerant crops. By combining expertise from the BOKU and the IST-Klosterneuburg, we intend to generate droughttolerant soybean varieties, by employing CRISPR-based gene editing. Resulting soybean lines will then be tested for
drought responsiveness and further vital growth parameters. Once such a proof-of-principle has been provided, corresponding genetic variations should be obtained from soybean germplasm collections. These should serve as a foundation for generation of GMO-free elite cultivars, capable of coping with unfavorable changes in our environment.

This NFB-funded project offers a full-time contract for a 3-year PhD position and will start in late summer 2021.

Knowledge of basic molecular techniques are required and experience with plant cultivation would be a big plus.

In case of interest, please mail your CV & motivation letter to:
Christian Luschnig, Assoc. Prof. Dr.
Institute of Molecular Plant Biology
Department of Applied Genetics and Cell Biology
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences - BOKU
Phone: +43-1-47654-94230
Fax: +43-147654-94009
e-mail: christian.luschnig(at)

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