The field of activity of the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) is scientific research and lecturing of the use of living organisms by integrated use of the principles, methods and techniques of natural sciences, engineering sciences and formal sciences for providing services and goods.

Our work is dedicated to the freedom of science and it’s teaching. We are actively facing the different societal challenges and the resulting information requirements towards society.

Department Culture

At the DBT we are committed to performance, honesty, loyalty, high ethics and morals, but also humour and the use of a gender-sensitive, respectful, open, truthful and disciplined communication with each other and to the outside. To maintain and improve a good working atmosphere at BOKU and the DBT we contribute by legitimate and honest behaviour. 

 Organisational Structure

The organisational structure of the Department is governed by the Department Order and includes: Department Head and Deputy Head of Department, Department Collegium as an advisory board, research groups with autonomous scientific orientation and area managers for specific functional units.

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