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Fiera C, Ulrich W, Popescu D, Buchholz J, Querner P, Bunea I, Strauss P, Bauer T, Kratschmer S, Winter S, Zaller JG (2020) Tillage intensity and herbicide application influence surface-active springtail (Collembola) communities in Romanian vineyards. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 300, 107006,

Fiera C, Ulrich W, Popescu D, Bunea C-I, Manu M, Nae I, Stan M, Markó B, Urák I, Giurginca A, Penke N, Winter S, Kratschmer S, Buchholz J, Querner P, Zaller JG (2020) Effects of vineyard inter-row management on the diversity and abundance of plants and surface-dwelling invertebrates in Central Romania. Journal of Insect Conservation,

Popescu D, Comsa M, Hoble A, Bunea CI, Gaman T, Tamas AS, Guernion M, Kratschmer S, Zaller JG, Winter S (2019) Biodiversity and ecosystem service in Transylvania - new approach to sustainabler vineyards. Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology 20, 1870-1879. Download PDF