Manuela Brandl

Re-establishing grasslands to promote farmland biodiversity and key ecosystem services: pollinators

Betreuer / Supervisor: Thomas Frank

Ariya Dejtaradol

Biogeography of Bulbuls (Pycnonotus) along the Thai Malay Peninsula

Betreuer / Supervisor: Swen Renner

Raja Imran Hussain

Impact of grassland management schemes on farmland biodiversity and key ecosystem services

Betreuer / Supervisor: Thomas Frank

Willem van Hoesel

Host-vector-parasite interactions and the role of insect vectors in transmission

Project: Para Aves (DFG Biodiversitätsexploratorien)

For my PhD project - within the Para Aves project - I am looking at how land use intensity influences host-vector-parasite interactions within forest ecosystems. I am very interested on how insect vector abundance changes within certain forest types and whether this influences blood parasite prevalence within selected common forest bird species. Additional to our study in German forest ecosystems, we will also test the same system in an urban gradient in Vienna and its surroundings in 2016.

For more information about the Para Aves project, please go to:

Betreuer / Supervisor: Swen Renner

Michael Plank

Bat activity in relation to meteorological parameters and landscape structure in Central Europe

Betreuer / Supervisor: Alexander Bruckner

Martin Rössler

Vogelanprall an Glasflächen

Betreuer / Supervisor: Alexander Bruckner

Josef Semrad

Betreuer / Supervisor: Erhard Christian, Ulrich Straka

Ronnie Walcher

Alpine landscapes under global change: Impacts of land-use change in montane/sub-alpine meadows on bumble bees, grasshoppers and ecosystem services

Betreuer / Supervisor: Thomas Frank