Sharjeel Ashfaq

European Joint Programme (EJP) SOIL MINOTAUR

Betreuer*in / Supervisors: Johann Zaller, Sophie Zechmeister-Boltenstern, Rajasekaran Murugan

Manuela Brandl

Re-establishing grasslands to promote farmland biodiversity and key ecosystem services: pollinators

Betreuer / Supervisor: Thomas Frank

Stephan Burgstaller

A changing toad in a changing environment: testing the effects of human disturbance on green toad demographics and hormonal status

Betreuer / Supervisor: Johann Zaller, Lukas Landler

Chiara Fedrigotti

Explore the potential of Citizen Science data for the monitoring and conservation of NATURA 2000 species

Advisory board: Johann G. Zaller (BOKU), Florian Heigl (BOKU), Daniel Dörler (BOKU), Paolo Pedrini (Conservation Biology Unit, MUSE-Science Museum of Trento), Andrea Sforzi (Director of Maremma Natural History Museum)

Christine Judt

Ecological interactions between pest insects and their natural antagonists in perennial agro-ecosystems

Betreuer / Supervisors: Johann Zaller, Thomas Frank, Péter Bátary

Markus Milchram

Combining unmanned aerial vehicles and radio-telemetry to investigate niche partitioning of two morphological similar bats in light of the range expansion of Pipistrellus kuhlii

Betreuerin / Supervisor: Marcela Suarez-Rubio

Maria Peer

Re-establishing grasslands in the agricultural landscape to promote insect diversity - Comparison of well-established old grasslands, newly established grasslands and subsidized grasslands

BetreuerIn / Supervisors: Thomas Frank, Johann Zaller, Sophie Kratschmer

Martin Rössler
Vogelanprall an Glasflächen

Betreuer / Supervisor: Alexander Bruckner