The institute covers three teaching fields, which are Soil Bioengineering, Vegetation Engineering and Landscape Construction. Main aim of the practical orientated education is the transfer of knowhow in planning basics and the realisation of building projects.

The teaching contents and scopes of work are for example:

Soil Bioengineering:

  • teaching contents: technique and ecological use of plants for soil bioengineering protection of rivers, slopes and ditches.
  • scopes of work: river-bank protection, revitalisation of rivers; maintenance of riparian vegetation; slope stabilisation, erosion control


Vegetation Engineering:

  • teaching contents: technique and use of grasses and herbs, trees and bushes. Dendrology as a important part of Vegetation Engineering deals with systematics and breeding of trees and bushes.
  • scopes of work: building and maintenance of greens in settled areas; lay out of hedges; greenery on facades and roofs; construction of ponds.


Landscape Construction:

  • teaching contents: technique and use of materials like wood, stone, sand, soil and metals for planning and building of public spaces and gardens: building techniques, construction, realisation as well as site management, tending and maintenance
  • scopes of work: road, wall, wood and metal construction; tradition and history of craft