The University Library of BOKU henceforth offers the service of a free DOI assignment for publications.

A DOI (Digital Object Identifier) is a persistent identifier for locating, citation and permanent identification of digital objects such as documents, data or web pages. There are several persistent identifiers. In the scientific field, the DOI has become established as a standard for the publication of scientific articles and research data. Every DOI is unique and can only be awarded once.

Essential preconditions for the assignment of a DOI at the BOKU:

  • Upload of the open access publication to the BOKU repository, BOKU:ePub
  • No DOI has yet been awarded for the publication
  • At least one author or publisher of the publication belongs to BOKU Vienna

Additionally an URN (Uniform Resource Name), which is another persistent identifier for digital objects, will automatically be assigned to each upload in BOKU:ePub.

The DOI can be requested directly at the upload to BOKU:ePub, but it is also possible to get a DOI for publications already stored in BOKU:ePub. Publications that are stored in other repositories and do not have a DOI must be uploaded to BOKU:ePub to receive a DOI.

The BOKU does not assign DOIs for research data. In order to permanently store and make research data accessible, the scientists are required to transfer their data to a registered research data repository (see and / or upload it to the BOKU's own collection on Zenodo. Zenodo is a repository for content of any kind and format, all content in Zenodo automatically gets a DOI to ensure long-term citability. More information about Open Resaerch Data (ORD) at the BOKU can be found here.

For the assignment of DOIs within the context of research projects, which want to store large amounts of data records in a stable repository of the BOKU, please contact .

The DOI-Service of the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna is operated with the TIB Hannover / DataCite.

If you have further questions, please contact .


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