Since February 2010 the BOKU is a member of the Open Access publisher “BioMed Central”.
The platform provides the possibility to publish in more than 200 journals, focusing on biochemistry, biotechnology, medicine and genetics. Many of them are listed in the SCI.

In summer 2010 Springer Science+Business Media launched SpringerOpen with a range of new Open Access journals that cover all academic disciplines including science, technology, medicine (STM) and shortly after Chemistry Central followed. BioMed Central Membership additionally includes all publications within SpringerOpen and Chemistry Central journals. (

Publishing through BioMed Central membership provides the following advantages for BOKU-authors:

  •   Costs are covered by BOKU

  •   20% discount for BOKU on publication costs

  •   An easy and fast submission of articles (directly through the platform)

Furthermore authors keep their copyright.

Please note that submitting under BOKU Prepaid Membership is only possible within the IP-range of the BOKU (either on campus or via VPN).

More information about publishing in BioMed Central journals:

BOKU membership and conditions

Please direct questions to or to Mag. Dr. Martina Liska 01/47654-38070.

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