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The Main Library offers BOKU scientists the opportunity to publish Open Access in Wiley hybrid journals at no additional cost *). Open Access fees (Article Processing Charges, APC) are charged centrally at the library. The agreement also includes online reading access to over 1,500 scientific journals and covers the period 2021-2023.

Who can use this offer?
Members of BOKU (active employment status at the date of acceptance)

  • who are corresponding author
  • who choose the Option "OnlineOpen" for their accepted article


  • After acceptance of the article you are able to decide to make it open access. So you have to choose the option "OnlineOpen".
  • Choose your affiliation - "KEMÖ-Instituion".
  • Please use your institutional email address for easy verification.
  • The article will be published under a Creative Commons License.

The open access support of BOKU should be specified in the acknowledgments. ("Open access funding provided by University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU)".)

*) Please note that Wiley Open Access Accounts cannot be used to cover page charges, color charges, manuscript conversion, which individual journals administer separately.

List of OnlineOpen Journals

Further information:

Short Instruction – Make your article Open Access with OnlineOpen

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Wiley Open Access Agreement

Please direct questions to ub.support(at)boku.ac.at or to Mag. Dr. Martina Liska 01/47654-38070.

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