BOKU goes to Boston!

BOKU is part of the international competition "iGEM" for the second time. A 10-member team with BOKU students is working on a genetic switch in Arabidopsis: ROBOCROP.

At the end of October, they will present their results in Boston to an international scientific community. Fundraising is part of the competition - so the students are very happy if they get your support !

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This year’s team presents the project called ROBOCROP. The team consists of under and over graduate students of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna and the University of Vienna. Together we form a multidisciplinary skilled team where each one contributes their best and can grow within the challenge. Our final goal is the participation in the iGEM Giant Jamboree in Boston at the End of October 2018, where all projects will be displaced and judged by a jury.

iGEM means international genetically engineered machine and gives student teams from all over the world a chance to develop and present their own project ideas at the final Giant Jamboree in Boston. The main common goal of each Team is to support and expand the already existing open source platform for exchanging BioBricks and sharing their ideas and experiences in the field of synthetic biology.

Our project "ROBOCROP"

ROBOCROP represents the idea of a genetically engineered crop that is aware of environmental influences like frost. We want to give our farmers an opportunity to save their plants and ensure harvest stability without causing ecological damages to the environment. This will be possible by using a genetic switch in the pathway of plants which is based on a ligand binding to the receptor. This mechanism will then allow us a direct communication with the plant.

We are a nonprofit student team without any intention for profit. Any Result will be made available to everyone for free #opensource to maximize the impact of our idea globally. Within the frame of the iGEM Competition, we would like to achieve a proof of concept and hope that our idea will trigger further innovation to help farmers around the world. Hopefully, this little stone will help to strengthen the technological road called Synthetic Biology to improve the life and health of as many people as possible on our planet!

Thanks for supporting our idea!

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