The most important steps that you need to complete before, during and after your stay abroad are listed in detail in Mobility Online. Every applicant has his/her own workflow with further information in Mobility Online. In addition, further steps may be necessary, such as the OLS language assessments, etc.

The most important things at a glance:

Application period at BOKU

January: Online application period (via Mobility Online) for the following academic year (WS, SS or WS+SS)

May: Online application period (via Mobility Online) for leftover places in the SS of the following year.


You will be able to see whether you have been selected for Erasmus+ approximately 2-3 months after the application deadline in Mobility Online. If you have been selected by BOKU, the BOKU-International Relations will nominate you for an Erasmus+ student exchange at the partner university to which you have been assigned, i.e. at your host university.

Here you'll find detailed information about the next steps after the nomination.

First contact with your host university

Ideally, your host university will contact you and provide you with further information about their application procedure. In addition to the application at BOKU, you also have to apply at the host university to which you have been assigned. They will help you find accommodation and give you further information about living and studying in your host country.

Usually, BOKU's partner universities accept nominated students. It is very rare that nominated students are rejected but it can happen. Upon successful completion of your application, you will get a letter of acceptance from your host university (official document which states that you are accepted for an exchange stay).

Important documents & to-do's

Before your departure you need to file two documents: Äquivalenzliste (Paper for Recognition) and Learning Agreement. These documents are available in Mobility Online (Please do NOT open Mobility Online with Internet Explorer but use a different browser instead) and guarantee recognition of your courses taken abroad at BOKU.

2nd database "Students Online" (only for 2020/21 outgoing students)
Your data will be transferred to a second database 2-3 months prior to your departure. Students Online is the database which is necessary for the Erasmus+ grant. There you will also find your contract with the Austrian Exchange Service (OeAD) shortly before the start of your stay abroad. Only once you have printed 2 contracts, signed and sent them to OeAD by regular post will you receive 80% of the grant (transferred to your Austrian/SEPA bank account). You will receive the remaining 20% of your grant after successful completion of your stay abroad (and after submitting all documents/reports).

If you receive Austrian "Studienbeihilfe" please refer to the German page for more details.

Please make sure you are covered by international insurance throughout your time abroad (health, accident and liability insurance). For more information, please contact ÖH and your social security carrier (e.g. to see if you have/are eligible for the European Health Insurance Card).

OLS - Online Linguistic Support
Erasmus+ students have to complete an online language assessment in the main language of instruction at their host university (exception: native speakers) before their stay abroad. You will get an email with the link to this assessment. If the result of your assessment is poor, you may take an online language course (optional). Towards the end of your stay abroad, you can optionally do a second online assessment in the language of instruction.

At the partner university

Once you have arrived at your host university, you can make some course changes, if necessary and create a new/updated Learning Agreement via Mobility Online. You are welcome to extend your stay (until September 30 at the latest) provided that your host university and BOKU agree. An application for extension must be submitted via Mobility Online (Please do NOT open Mobility Online with Internet Explorer but use a differnet browser instead) no later than 4 weeks prior to the end of your initial exchange period.

If you terminate your stay abroad prematurely (e.g. due to poor health) you will most likely have to pay back all of your Erasmus money. It is extremely important that you contact OeAD BEFORE terminating your stay and ask them about your options.

Before you return to BOKU you need to print in Mobility Online the confirmation of stay and have it signed and stamped by your host university. Also, you need to fill out the EU Online Survey (link will be sent by email). Once everything is completed, you will receive the remaining 20% of your scholarship.

Upon your return to BOKU

Once you are back at BOKU, you need to submit a copy of your confirmation of stay at the Study Services office (Studienservices) within the registration period. You will also be able to transfer your course credits to BOKU at the same office. To do so, you need your transcript of records from your host university, course outlines of all your courses taken at the host university and your final "Äquivalenzliste" (paper for recognition).

For further information, please have a look at the FAQs!

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