The Erasmus grant only covers the higher living costs in the host country and the grant rates vary by country (EUR 380 - 480 per month).

Rates for 2019_20

Rates for 2020_21

You will receive 80% of the grant prior to departure, and 20% after submitting all your papers and online reports upon your return.

If you get Austrian “Studienbeihilfe” (a grant only for Austrian citizens) you also need to apply for “Beihilfe zum Auslandsstudium”. Then the grant is transferred on a monthly basis. 

For the duration of your semester abroad you are exempt from tuition fees both at BOKU and at the partner university. At BOKU you only have to pay the ÖH student union fee.

Language Courses
Prior to your studies abroad, you can attend a language course if offered by your host university. The credits can be transferred as a free elective course at BOKU. However, there is no additional financial grant for the duration of the language course.

There are additional grants for students with special needs (medical certificate) as well as for students with children, here you can find info sheets/application forms. Please contact your Erasmus coordinator at BOKU-International Relations for further information.

  • Some federal states (Bundesländer) provide grants, further details can be found on the website of the Landesregierung.
  • Cultural institutes and embassies also sometimes offer scholarships for students.
  • IMPORTANT: An Erasmus grant must not be combined with another study abroad grant directly financed by the BMWFW, BMBF or another federal unit; also, it must not be combined with other EU grants (e.g. Joint Master degree grant).

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