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The Euroleague for Life Sciences welcomed four new member universities in Prague. 27 BOKU students presented their projects!


This year’s ELLS General Assembly & Forum and Scientific Student Conference was held at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague (CZU) from September 22 to 24. Finally, the ELLS BOKU representatives and BOKU students could meet physically with their colleagues from the other ELLS universities again.

The Euroleague for Life Sciences used this opportunity to welcome 4 new member universities:

  • Faculty of Bioscience, Ghent University, Belgium
  • Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway
  • L’Institut Agro, France
  • Estonian University of Life Sciences, Estonia

Together with the old and new members, Rector Schulev-Steindl and the BOKU representatives discussed the opportunities for ELLS in the new Erasmus+ programme period (2021-2027) and planned new projects.

About 320 participants (students and staff) joint the ELLS Scientific Student Conference (SSC) that is always directly linked to the ELLS General Assembly & Forum. Also 27 BOKU students used this opportunity to present their bachelor or master’s thesis or other projects around the topic “The Interconnectedness of Things: A Path Towards Sustainable Solutions”.

Associate Professor Ing. Hynek Roubík, Ph.D.  (CZU) who won an ELLS presentation prize at the ELLS SSC 2013 at BOKU and the young researcher Ing. Stacy Hammond, Ph.D. motivated the students in their keynote speech to step outside their box. They gave tips how to network and how to start a (research) career.

The SSC was organised together by CZU and ELSA, the Euroleague Student Association  whose members also chaired the oral sessions. This teamwork guaranteed a lot of network options, inspiration and fun for all participants.
Inspiration was also the keyword at the final award ceremony, not only due to the many prizes. Five BOKU graduates of the joint ELLS master programmes who joined the conference were honoured. One of the highlights of the conference was an impressing chemistry show: It encouraged the students to use miraculous phenomena that are actually based on simple laws of nature as inspiration for their plans and ideas for a sustainable future.

Congratulations to the winners of the ELLS Student Presentation Prizes from BOKU!

Oral Presentations (11 prizes for students from 8 universities)

  • Subtheme “Insects. Not gross, but grossly important”: Martin Mayrhofer
  • Subtheme “Into the Woods. Forestry at its finest”: Maximilian Behringer

Poster presentations (11 prizes for students from 8 universities)

  • Subtheme “Insects. Not gross, but grossly important”: Anna-Lena Ferstl
  • Subtheme “Designing the modern world. Human perspective”: Igor Luketina
  • Subtheme “Healthy Plant. Happy System”: Nicole Laure
  • Subtheme “Into the Woods. Forestry at its finest”: Jerneja Harmel

Already now, we warmly invite all BOKU students and teachers to next year's ELLS Scientific Student Conference 2023. It will be held at the University of Hohenheim, Germany from 17-18 November 2023.
Topic: "The Power of Science”

Further information will be available soon:

Information on the ELLS SSC 2022: