ELLS Award for the Euroleague Student Association

BOKU participated successfully at the ELLS Conferences 2023

ELLS Scientific Student Conference 2023
"The Power of Science- Many Perspectives on our World"
University of Hohenheim, 17-18 November 2023
ELLS General Assembly and Forum
Communicating (about) Biodiversity

University of Hohenheim, 16.-17. November 2023

The University of Hohenheim hosted the annual conferences of the Euroleague for Life Sciences (ELLS)  from November 16 to 18. The BOKU joined with almost 50 students and 14 staff members!
The topic's of this year's networking conference for staff members of the ELLS was "Communicating (about) Biodiversity". Different stakeholders used the panel discussion "Food production in times of mass extinction - starving for biodiversity" to discuss how the scientific knowledge about biodiversity loss can be transferred to society. In conlusion, the panel and the ELLS participants agreed that we need to re-think agriculture.

ELSA the Euroleague Student Association, received the ELLS Award 2023 for special merits within ELLS. Our congratulations! ELSA is not only the voice of the students and an important decision maker within the network, but also organises the Scientific Student Conference.

Under this year's topic "The Power of Science - Many Perspectives on our World" students of all ELLS universities presented their bachelor and master theses. As every year, the best poster and oral presentations were awarded.
We cordially congratulate the award winners from BOKU:
Poster Presentations
Subtheme "Big perspectives on small things": Sophie Rohringer
Subtheme "Food for the world": Ana Omasits
Subtheme "Working together for a greener future: Maria König

In the last study year, 172 students graduated from a joint master programme within ELLS. Two prizes for the best master theses have been awarded:
We cordially congratulate
Lea Wagner (Enveuro, BOKU/UHOH) and
Mira Heßelmann (EUR-Organic, BOKU/UHOH)

Overall we would like to congratulate all participants to the many new experiences and new contacts that they hopefully brought home to BOKU!

Already now, we cordially invite you to next year's ELLS Scientific Student Conference:
"The Puzzle of Life Sciences - add your piece"
Wageningen University & Research, November 14-16 2024