In General

It is important to know that the authorization for units, how these are used and charged does not depend on possessing a BOKUcard. Instead, this authorization depends on the BOKU account assigned! BOKUcard in this respect only functions as a tool to comfortably log in at the individual unit. Thus, it is irrelevant which card to use for students who, for example, own both a staff as well as a student BOKUcard. Both these cards are assigned to the same BOKUaccount.

Use at the Organizational Unit's Expense

As IT manager of a BOKU organizational unit via the account manager you have the possibility to change the following settings for all BOKUaccounts that by default are not set: 

  • "Use of printers at the organizational unit's costs (BOKUprint, iPrint)"

The IT manager can provide this option for a staff member within his organizational unit or any other user (BOKUaccount). This could, for example, also be a student or a functional account. It needs to be noted that this also grants the right to use all BOKUprint units in the set operation mode and not only those units of a specific organizational unit! Should you not wish to grant this right for a student, you as the IT manager naturally also have the option to make use of the well-tried functional account. You may request a BOKUcard for this functional account as well.

For the detailed charging modalities and prices please contact the facility management:


A detailed list on this type of use can be viewed by everyone via the BOKUaccount. For departments by the respective head via the following link:

Settling User Costs on Your Own

In case the costs are not settled by a BOKU organizational unit, you can only print or copy on BOKUprint multifunctional units once you have provided your online account with sufficient credit. This is done by topping up your credit. You can check your available credit via the web interface: BOKUprint Web Interface


Topping Up Your Credit

Topping up your online credit account can be done by one of the following payment machines:

Please note that only bills are accepted and that no partial amounts can be added to your credit. This means that no change is provided. Also keep in mind that no money exchange option is available at BOKU.

Refund for False Expenditures

If the following conditions are met a MM representative of the ZID can refund false expenditures at Exnerhaus during the MM support times:

  • the print out was paid via online account credit (for internally settled print outs no refund is possible!)
  • the claim must be made within three working days after the outlay
  • the faulty print out must verifiably have happened due to a technical malfunction at the unit, for example color strips or toner spots on the printout. Faulty print outs that happened due to self-inflicted misconfigurations of drivers cannot be refunded (in the event of dispute the original file has to be presented)
  • refund is only possible via electronic back posting onto the respective online account that was originally used for the expenditures

Credit Balance Repayment

If you leave BOKU and still have credit on your online account, you can have it paid out by the BOKU Facility Management.

However, repayment is only possible to a bank account!

The following information is necessary for the repayment:

  • BOKU login name (the login name you use for BOKUonline)
  • First and last name
  • Details of your bank account:
    • IBAN
    • BIC (for non-Austrian accounts)
    • Name of the bank (for non-Austrian accounts)

  • Residential address (main residence or as stated with your bank)

Please send this information to the following e-mail address: bokuprint-verrechnung(at)