University Entrance Examinations ("Studienberechtigungsprüfung") and Vocational Matriculation Examinations ("Berufsreifeprüfung")

The University Entrance and Vocational Matriculation Examinations ("Studienberechtigungs- und Berufsreifeprüfung") give you the entitlement for studying at university.

The completed University Entrance Examinations give you the entitlement for studying specific degree programs. The Vocational Matriculation Examinations give you entitlement to freely choose your degree programs.

Further information can be found here:

University Entrance Examinations ("Studienberechtigungsprüfung")
Vocational Matriculation Examinations ("Berufsreifeprüfung")

Information on BOKU's University Entrance Examinations

In order to register for the University Entrance Examinations you must be able to prove vocational education and relevant professional experience. Processing happens through the Technical University Vienna. Further information can be found here:

In order to complete your University Entrance Examinations you must be at least 22 years old (or 20 years in case of a vocational education of at least four years). Exams from at least 5 different subjects are required. Preparation normally takes about one year.

In order to study at BOKU, the following exams must be completed successfully:

1) Essay
2) Mathematics 2
3) Physics 1
4) Chemistry 2
5) Elective Course
Exams 1 to 4 must be completed in front of a commission. Exam 5 is a subject from your planned university degree program which is completed as a non-degree student at BOKU.

The University Entrance Examinations only entitle you to study a specific, previously defined university degree program. Changing your degree program is not possible. Admission at BOKU must be submitted at the Technical University Vienna. The files are then passed on to BOKU.

Hint: In order to verify the feasibility, we highly recommend having an informational talk with the person in charge of University Entrance Examinations at BOKU, Ao. Univ. Prof. Dr. Franz Ottner! 

Further information:    

Ao. Univ. Prof. Mag. Dr. Franz Ottner
Institute of Applied Geology
Peter Jordan Strasse 70, A-1190 Vienna
Phone: +43 1 47654-87214, 87225