Pre-Registration and Admission to a Bachelors Programme


Online pre-registration for your academic studies must be completed via the internet prior to your personal registration.



Currently, there is a admission procedure only for the bachelor's programme "Lebensmittel- und Biotechnologie" ("Aufnahmeverfahren").

In order to register for any of the university degree programs at BOKU you must come to the admission office (study services) in person during the admission period. The admission period is subdivided as follows:

  • general admission period
  • extended admission period

Admission to bachelor's programs is only possible during the general admission period. In specific exceptional cases registration is also possible after the extended admission period. Prospective students from non-EU countries must register within the general admission period - regardless of whether they apply for a bachelor's or master's program.

When an application is required, please consider the processing time of up to 5 weeks. 


General Admission Period Extended Admission Period
Admission to bachelor's programs Only in specific exceptional cases
Admission to master's programs Admission to master's programs
Co-registration Co-registration
Admission as non-degree program student Admission as non-degree program student
Application for admission for non-EU nationals bachelor's and master's programs  

The admission office's opening hours, admission periods and all required documents which must be brought along for the registration process can be found here: