Counselling for new students during the admission period

Individual counselling on study choice, deadlines and start of studies

Are you interested in studying at BOKU?
You are not sure about your choice of study? 
What is important and helpful when starting your studies?
How do I apply for a study grant?
What is the orientation phase (STEOP)?
What are my rights and obligations as a student?
I am not from Austria, what do I have to pay attention to?

Counseling will be held from June 19 through September 5.

Where? Gregor Mendel building 2. floor, Gregor-Mendel-Straße 33, 1180 Vienna

From JULY 2023 (and for August & September) each:

Monday 9-13 h
Wednesday 9-13 h
Thursday 9-13 h

BOKU-International Relations offers counselling about BOKU's international master programmes (mainly taught in English): 

- Thu, 13.07., 9-13 h

- Mo, 21.08., 9-13 h

- We, 30.08, 9-13 h

Link to the international master programmes:

ONLINE counselling or counselling services offered by BOKU4you


Information about admission to BOKU studies can be found here.


An overview of the BOKU studies can be found here.


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