Events at CDR

Through our events we spark public debates on how we can achieve a sustainability transition.

10 Octobre 2018 Sind wir der Hecht im Karpfenteich? SDG14 and how we treat life below water

On the occasion of the World Food Day, we talked about challenges and opportunities of fisheries and aquaculture.

Rebecca Metzner (Fisheries and Aquaculture Department, FAO, Rome), Marc Mößmer (ARGE Biofisch), and Herwig Waidbacher (Institute of Hydrology and Aquatic Ecosystem Management) discussed with Almut Knaller (Tourism board Weissensee, Carinthia), Laura Hundscheid (Susfish+ project), and the interested public. Maiada Hadaia (OEAD) led through the evening.

This event was organized in collaboration with Michaela Hickersberger (Ökosoziales Forum Europa) and Florian Leregger (IUFE) and supported by ADA.

Pictures: Dorothea Neubacher, Ökosoziales Forum, and Rosana Kral, CDR.

15 May 2018 appear in practice co-event: Organic Agriculture in Action

How can organic agriculture be reflected in higher education?

We discussed challenges and opportunities with Astghik Sahakyan (International Center for Agribusiness Research and Education Foundation, Armenia), and Charles Ssekyewa (Mountains of the Moon University, Fort Portal, Uganda). Astghik and Charles work in two current appear projects with Bernhard Freyer, Division of Organic Farming, and his colleagues Phillipp Dietrich and Milena Klimek towards anchoring organic agiculture in the curricula of universities.

This event was organized in collaboration with Phillipp Dietrich and Milena Klimek and supported by OEAD and ADA.

Pictures: Julia Lichtkoppler-Moser, OEAD

9 May 2018 Workshop SDG 2 “Zero Hunger”: Scientific challenges for and mission of BOKU?

The Centre for Development Research (CDR)-BOKU organised on May 9th a workshop on the implementation of SDG2 “Zero Hunger”.

The aim of the workshop was to point out that global food and nutrition security requires an integrated approach, which presents a major challenge to different scientific disciplines and international and national policies.


Hamid El Bilali - Zero Hunger: Need for a systemic approach to agriculture, food security and nutrition
Barbara Stadlmayr - How can we ensure the quality of tomorrow's diet?
Thomas Lindenthal - SDG 2 umsetzen - aber richtig - einige Gedankenanstöße

FIAN - Agenda 2030 zu nachhaltiger Entwicklung

16-18 April 2018 SDG Workshop: Challenges for Life Sciences Universities

The Sustainable Development Goals of the UN sketch a vision of how the world could look like: ending poverty and hunger, safeguarding resources, a better life for all. Like all of us, also the Life Sciences universities are called upon to contribute to the implementation.

To address how they can do this in research, training and societal dialogue, BOKU hosted a three-day international workshop in spring 2018. Several CDR researchers and partners served on the organizing committee of this unique event.


Speaker presentations

Mans Nilsson

Mary Amuyunzu-Nyamongo

Arjen Wals

Georg Gratzer

Pictures: Wolfgang Leitl, BOKU-ZID

11 December 2017 Water, Food, Energy - One Planet for All?

Everybody needs water, food and energy - but we just have on planet and limited resources. How can we best use them?

We invited Dominik Ruffeis (Institute of Hydraulics and Rural Water Management), Johannes Schmidt (Institute for Sustainable Economic Development) to discuss with CDR's Maria Wurzinger (Centre for Development Research and Division of Livestock Sciences) and with us.

13 June 2017 Water, Where Art Thou? Climate Change and Global Water Sharing Challenges

While states withdraw from the Paris Agreement, our climate continues to change.
Rising temperatures and growing populations can lead to conflict around water.

We invited Ashok Swain (Uppsala University, Sweden) to discuss with us. He is a leading scholar in the field of natural resources and conflict and visited BOKU Vienna to teach as a guest professor.

29 May 2017 Organic, Sustainable, Happy?

Environmentally sound, socially acceptable, economically feasible - organic agriculture promises much, but can it guarantee food supply? Mitigate climate change? And does it add to a nation’s happiness?

We discussed with Sonam Tashi (Royal University of Bhutan) and Richard Onwonga (University of Nairobi). The event was held in cooperation with the Division of Organic Farming.