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Austrian Carbohydrate Workshop 2022

Our whole workgroup joined the Austrian Carbohydrate Workshop in Graz on July 7th- 8th. Irene, Uwe, Ignacio and Colin presented their work on the conference.

New postdoc in the Pfrengle lab

Recently Didier Ndeh has startet in Team Pfrengle as a Postdoc. He is a biologist and received a Marie Curie Fellowship. Have a good start at the BOKU!

June 2022

Two new PhD-students in the Pfrengle lab

Sara Capellato and Remya Kumbappilliyl Rajan have started their PhD-work in the lab of Fabian Pfrengle. Welcome at the BOKU!


May 2022

Two new PhD-students in the Pfrengle lab

Nivedya Ayinikkattuparambil Unmesh and Katharina Obleser have started their PhD-work in the lab of Fabian Pfrengle. Welcome at the BOKU!

December 2021

New FWF funding

Fabian Pfrengle’s group received new funding from the FWF!

  • Synthetic Glycan Ligands for Plant Immune Receptors
  • Synthesis and application of RG-II oligosaccharides

We look forward to welcome new people in the lab!

March 2021

Two new PhD-students in the Zamyatina lab

Angela del Prete and Alessandro Monti have started their PhD-work in the lab of Alla Zamyatina. Welcome at the BOKU!

January 2021

Return of the Schrödinger Fellow!

Dr. Nino Trattnig has returned after a Postdoc stay in the lab of Prof. Geert-Jan Boons at the University of Utrecht. This is the return phase of his Erwin Schrödinger Fellowship.

Here are two of his publications, published during his time at BOKU before his postdoc stay

welcome back!

autumn 2020

Charlotte Olagnon has been awarded the Erwin Schrödinger Fellowship!

Receiving the Schrödinger Fellowship, Charlotte will spend the next two years in the lab of Prof. Stephen Withers at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Congrats!

July 2020

New book chapter in "Methods in Molecular Biology"

Fabian has written a book chapter on practical aspects of automated syntheses of plant cell wall oligosaccharides which is now online after a long waiting period

June 2020

New PhD-student starts in June 2020!

We welcome Irene Pasini as the newest member of the Pfrengle group.
All the best for your PhD work!

May 2020

New Paper in "Angewandte Chemie"

Our paper on a new glycan array-based method for the identification and characterization of plant glycosyltransferases has been accepted in Angewandte Chemie. Using azido-functionalized nucleotide sugar donors, we were able to visualize the activity of various glycosyltransferases directly on a glycan array. We are looking forward to screen many more plant glycosyltransferases in the coming years using this high-throughput method. Congratulations Colin!