Prof. Hiroyuki Yano delivers a guest lecture on “Current Advances in Biomaterials” from September 8th to 15th.

Prof. Hiroyuki Yano from Kyoto University (Japan) visits BOKU as a guest professor from September 6th to 18th. During this period, Prof. Hiroyuki Yano will present a lecture on “Current Advances in Biomaterials”.

The lecture series includes theoretical and interactive sessions held at the BOKU Tulln site. The course aims to provide essential and comprehensive knowledge in the field of high-strength nanocellulose materials, cellulose nanofiber (CNF) materials, optically transparent CNFs materials, CNF-reinforced rubber and plastics, the “Kyoto Process” and the “Nano Cellulose Vehicle” (NCV), as well as CNF-reinforced bioplastics, LCA and materials recycling. Moreover, the course offers insights into recent research at RISH (Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere, Kyoto University).

Prof. Dr. Hiroyuki Yano heads the Laboratory of Active Bio-Based Materials of the Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere at Kyoto University. After obtaining his Ph.D. in agricultural science (wood science) from Kyoto University (1986), he first joined Kyoto Prefectural University and later Kyoto University (1998) and became a professor in 2004. He has been involved in nanocellulose research since 2001 and was the president of the Japan Nanocellulose Forum (2014-2016). His interests cover the application of nanocellulose-based materials for automotive and electronic devices. He is further well-known for his work on the Nano Cellulose Vehicle (NCV). In 2005, he received the prestigious Hayashi Jisuke Award from the Cellulose Society of Japan.