Microbial fermentation (bacteria, yeast, fungi …)

  • 30, 150 L scale (working volume) stirred tank bioreactors
  • Fully automated with a Siemens PCS7 process control system and Simatic® Batch

Animal cell fermentation (CHO, hybridoma, insect cells, …)

  • 70 L scale stirred tank bioreactor (fully automated)
  • 500 L airlift bioreactor and 1600 L scale stirred tank bioreactor (basic automation)

Vessels and sterile filtration unit for media preparation, harvest, and storage

Primary Recovery

Cell harvest – Centrifugation

  • Benchtop centrifuge with swing-out rotor
  • High performance centrifuge with continuous feed and discontinuous discharge (Contifuge); 22.000 g,
    solid volume 0.3 L
  • Disc-stack centrifuge (GEA PSC-8) with 8000 m2 equivalent clarification area; 30-300 L/h throughput

High pressure homogenization (HPH)

  • Two-stage high pressure homogenizer – 1500 bar; benchtop system for lab scale and optimization
    (10 L/h throughput - GEA Panda 2), pilot scale system (GEA Ariete) variable throughput 50-100 L/h

Downstream Processing

Dead-end Filtration

  • Filter test system for filter disks (14 cm2) and capsules
  • Filtration operation up to 100 L/batch with pressurized closed vessels


  • Small scale (50 – 300 cm2) and pilot scale systems (up to 2 m2 membrane area)
    with automated recording of all system data (pressure, fluxes, etc.)
  • Systems can be operated in different control modes
    (constant flux, constant trans membrane pressure, min and max inlet pressure)

Sterile filtration

  • for intermediates and final products

Reaction Vessel

  • (Fed-) Batch operation with temperature control, head space gas overlay and on-line monitoring probes.
    Operating volume 20-100 L
  • Suitable for precipitation and refolding reactions


  • ÄKTA explorer 10 and 100 for development and small scale preparative purification
  • ÄKTA Pilot for pilot scale chromatography up to 40 L/h, column size 0.5-10 L

Process analytics

HPLC devices:

  • Agilent 1200 Series HPLC equipped with DAD & ELSD detector
  • Agilent 1200 Series HPLC equipped with DAD
  • Agilent 1200 Series HPLC equipped with DAD & FLD detector
  • Agilent 1200 Series equipped with RI detector

Further analysis devices:

  • Forte Bio Octet QK – Biolayer Interferometry
  • Zetasizer Nano
  • BioRad Mini-Protean Tetra Cell
  • Nova Medical Bioprofile


  • Büchi rotary evaporator
  • 10 mL LIPEX™ Extruder with Thermobarrel
  • MicroCal VP capillary DSC

Add ons

  • Filter integrity testing device (Sartocheck 4)
  • Tube welding unit (GE Healthcare)
  • Lyophilization device (Christ alpha 2-4)