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Research project (§ 26 & § 27)
Duration : 2020-11-01 - 2022-07-31

The project focuses on the development of suitable measures for the promotion of wild bees and the optimization of habitats using the example of the Vienna Danube Island. The measures will be implemented together with the City of Vienna (MA 45) and their effectiveness will be evaluated. At the same time, wild bee surveys from 2005 will be repeated on selected sites in order to make a shift in the species spectrum of wild bees visible in the longer term.
Research project (§ 26 & § 27)
Duration : 2020-07-01 - 2023-12-31

Monitoring (camera traps) of Herbivores (chamois, red deer, roe deer, capricorn) in the Nationalpark Hohe Tauern. Study their foraging and movement behavior (modul 6) over a long period of time. The data is used as input for a big project of 6 universities, where different data is analysed (micro/makro-fauna and flora, water regimes, weather..) if there are long term changes by climate change.
Research project (§ 26 & § 27)
Duration : 2017-03-01 - 2018-12-31

The von Bertalanffy equation was developed in the 1940s and has since been the almost universal biologically motivated model to describe the ontogenetic growth of different species; it is characterized by the metabolic exponents a = 2/3, b = 1. West et al. (1997, 2001) suggested another pair of metabolic exponents (a = 2/3, b = 1) and provided biological reasoning for this choice. This project proposes biological reasoning for yet two other exponent pairs based on the ideas of Bertalanffy and West about metabolism and on a model of Parks (1982) about the dependency of growth on food intake.

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