BiodivERsA "VineDivers" (2014-2018) - Work packages: Overview

Conceptual model on how relationships between vineyard management, biodiversity and associated ecosystem services will be assessed in the VineDivers project:

Work package 1: Landscape diversity, management and aesthetics

Leader of work package: Francoise Burel

Work program

Inventories of landscape structure and diversity and analysis how this affects ES in vineyards. In addition, high-resolution and quality photos will be collected for a survey on landscape aesthetics and a photo exhibition.


The structural and biological diversity of landscape surrounding vineyards affect ecosystem processes and biodiversity of the vineyard ecosystem.

Landscape diversity influence is species specific and effective at different spatial scales.


Kick-off workshop for standardisation of inventory and spatial analysis methodology and procedures (Workshop)
Leader: Francoise Burel

Identification of representative landscape units and inventory of structures/elements
Leader: Adela Hoble

Survey of landscape aesthetics and recreational value
Leader: Silvia Winter

Landscape photo documentation
Leader: Silvia Winter

Work package 2: Biodiversity, the soil-water system and production in vineyards

Leader of work package: Johann Zaller

Work program

Inventories of biodiversity (vascular plants, earthworms, collembola, wild bees), soil and production parameters at the plot and field scale.


Diversity of vascular plant species and plant functional groups promote soil biota, pollinators and influence chemical, physical and hydrological soil properties.

Biodiversity-based ecosystem services decrease with increasing land use intensity.


Standardisation of sampling methodology, protocols and procedures (Workshop)

Leader: Silvia Winter, Daniel Cluzeau

Inventory of vascular plants
Leader: Silvia Winter

Inventory of soil biota
Leader: Daniel Cluzeau, Johann Zaller

Inventory of pollinators (wild bees)
Leader: Bärbel Pachinger

Inventory of chemical, physical and hydrological soil properties
Leader: Peter Strauss

Inventory of agricultural management, yield and grape quality parameters
Leader: Daniela Popescu, Claudiu-Ioan Bunea

Meta-analysis and data analysis
Leader: Silvia Winter, Johann Zaller

Work package 3: Identification and modelling of interactions between biodiversity, landscape diversity, management intensity, and the soil-water system

Leader of work package: José Gómez


Increase of vegetation cover and diversity (species and functional groups) in the vineyards reduces soil erosion risk and influences biodiversity based ecosystem services (e.g. pollination).

Adaptive management reduces trade-offs and increases synergies between biodiversity, ecosystem services and wine production once they have been fine tuned to the specific conditions of the different study areas of the project.


Analysis of interactions and functional relationships between biodiversity, management intensity, and the soil-water system – plot scale
Leader: José Gómez

Development of a conceptual model – regional scale
Leader: Peter Strauss

Work package 4: Scenario development, regional assessment, evaluation and policy recommendations

Leader of work package: H. Bergmann


Existing policies can be redesigned to reduce the trade-offs and improve the synergies of wine production and the provisioning of biodiversity based ecosystem services.


Review of current policy framework across countries
Leader: H. Bergmann

Participatory scenario development and regional assessment with stakeholders
Leader: H. Bergmann

Identification of best practice policies and the development of policy recommendations
Leader: M. Potthoff

Work package 5: Project management, coordination and dissemination

Leader of work package: Silvia Winter

Work program

To coordinate efficient interaction among consortium partners, to held regular workshops, to disseminate project results in scientific journals and other media, to translate project results into recommendations for policy and farmers.


Project management implementation
Leader: Johann Zaller

Project reporting and general management
Leader: Silvia Winter

Stakeholder engagement and dissemination
Leader: Silvia Winter

Schematic graph of VineDivers management: