Who we are an what we focus on


The institute of Plant Protection is working on current and future questions for the basis of living:

In a very conflictual relationship between satisfaction of needs and environmental demands we surch sustainable solutions in connection with practical implementation.

Accordingly we concentrate on providing a wide range of topics throughout research and teaching.





The institute of Plant Protection works on basic research as well as on applied sciences.

Fundamental research is focussing on interaction between pathogens or parasites in their host- and non-host-plants and further more on ecology of  pest- and beneficial organisms.

In the field of applied plant protection we address primarily the problems in crop production including viticulture, horticulture as well as herbology and irrespectiv of the different types of crop production we offer general solutions for current issues bothering the growers.



Our Variety of topics:

integrated plant protection |parasitology and pathology of crops | phytopathology  | basics, diagnosis on the field and in the laboratory, methods of control | ecological plant protection| from ecological basis to practical use of beneficial organisms | grapevine protection | legislation in plant protection | herbology | chemistry and application of pesticides | plant virology and bacteriology |Protection of stored crops  | applied entomology | nematology