IGS Projects


The first projects in IGS BioNanoTech were approved in 2011 and started running in February 2012. Currently running projects based in Austria are: 

Project name Investigators 
Engineering of nanostructured electrodes and biocatalyst interfaces for efficient electron transfer

PI: Prof. Dr. Dietmar Haltrich dietmar.haltrich(at)boku.ac.at

Co-PI: Prof. Dr. Zhang Hua

Testin, a focal adhesion protein: mechanical, structural and dynamical properties

PI: Prof. Dr. José Luis Toca-Herrera jose.toca-herrera(at)boku.ac.at

Co-PI: Prof. Dr. Ali Miserez

Magnetically actuated delivery vehicles

PI: Prof. Dr. Erik Reimhult erik.reimhult(at)boku.ac.at

Co-PI: Prof. Dr. Julius Vancso

Synthetic nanostructured supported membrane platform to investigate lipid diffusion and clustering

PI: Prof. Dr. Erik Reimhult erik.reimhult(at)boku.ac.at

Co-PI: Prof. Dr. Rachel Kraut and Prof. Dr. Eva-Kathrin Sinner

Dynamics of conformational change in model lipid monolayers and bilayers as a probe for membrane-peptide interaction

PI: Dr. Christoph Nowak (AIT) c.nowak(at)ait.ac.at

Co-PI: Dr. Jonathan Hobley and Prof. Dr. Erik Reimhult

Hybrid responsive polymer-metal materials for plasmonics and biosensor applications

PI: Dr. Jakub Dostalek (AIT) jakub.dostalek(at)ait.ac.at

Co-PI: Prof. Dr. Fengwei Huo and Prof. Dr. Shuzhou Li

Biomimetic membrane systems on graphene based sensor devices for biomedical diagnoses applications

PI: Dr. Christoph Nowak (AIT) c.nowak(at)ait.ac.at

Co-PI: Prof. Dr. Bo Liedberg

Surface plasmon spectroscopy meets photosynthesis

PI: Prof. Dr. Eva Sinner eva.sinner(at)boku.ac.at

Co-PI: Prof. Dr. Susana Geifman Shochat

Monitoring stem cell fitness using a lab-on-a-chip

PI: Dr. Peter Ertl (BOKU/AIT) peter.ertl(at)ait.ac.at

Co-PI: Dr. William Birch (IMRE) and Prof. Kee Woei Ng (NTU)

Highly parallelized cancer biomarker analysis by plasmonic biosensors

PI: Dr. Jakub Dostalek (AIT) jakub.dostalek(at)ait.ac.at

Co-PI: Prof. Dr. Bo Liedberg (NTU), Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Knoll (BOKU/AIT)

Light-harvesting in protein-tethered membranes

PI: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Knoll (BOKU/AIT) wolfgang.knoll(at)ait.ac.at

Co-PI: Prof. Dr. Sierin Lim (NTU)

Cancer diagnosis based on plasmonic biosensors and exosome analysis

PI: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Knoll (BOKU/AIT) wolfgang.knoll(at)ait.ac.at

Co-PI: Prof. Bernhard Boem (NTU)

Please contact the respective PIs for detailed information on the projects and on their progress.