Become an ambassador for EPICUR!


  • 2 Students
  • 1 Researcher
  • New: 1 Lecturer
  • New: 1 Administrative staff

You are: BOKU affiliate, good communicator and interested in EPICUR and the European Universities initiative

Tasks: Peer-to-peer communication for EPICUR, Raising awareness for European (Sustainability) topics, Planning of various activities

Benefits: Be the voice in a European network, Co-Production of news items, Networking at BOKU, 35 Colleagues in six countries, Travel opportunities, Participation in all EPICUR events and activities

Duration: up to 1 year

Start: now

Questions and applications

What is the Ambassador's Programme?

The EPICUR Ambassador’s Programme is a network of 40 ambassadors – up to 5 people per partner university –, which allows you to communicate and exchange EPICUR content in five different languages, meet interesting people from Austria, Germany, Greece, The Netherlands, Poland and France and be part of a new European initiative. Being an EPICUR Ambassador means contributing to the influence and promotion of the alliance through engagement and motivation of your peers.

How to become an Ambassador?

The EPICUR Ambassadors for BOKU will run through an application process. Largely based on volunteer work and individual motivation – with the objective of having diversified profiles – the communication
officer will finalise the pool of candidates through interviews in German or English. We are looking for members of university in all domains (i.e., students, researchers, teachers, and administrative staff) who are excellent and motivated communicators. Researchers are especially welcome to apply, since we launched EPICUR Research in January. If you have been involved in an EPICUR event (e.g., a course, the Forum, EPICURtalks), and would like to share your experiences with the wider university community, please get in touch!

The communication officer is the contact person for the ambassadors of their university.

Why become an Ambassador?

The long-term innovative model of European Universities that EPICUR wants to create can only succeed and persist if all members of the university community are involved in its shaping and implementation, on a continuous or regular basis. The network of ambassadors will be in support of the communication on EPICUR and the promotion of events and activities within the university ecosystem in collaboration with the communication officer.

The ambassador has a mandate up to 12 months (shorter periods are possible):

  • Representing EPICUR at BOKU and BOKU events (in close coordination with EPICUR staff).
  • Representing BOKU values within the alliance.
  • Promoting sustainability.
  • Communicate with your networks about EPICUR events and initiatives (English and German), especially to improve diversity through supporting students with fewer opportunities.
  • Co-organising innovative activities in partnership with student associations, university service and local institutions to promote EPICUR.
  • Participating in major events organised by the alliance (i. e. EPICUR Forum).

Ambassadors commit to organise or participate in different activities per year.

Activities can have different formats, depending on the creativity, skills and desires of each ambassador. Some activities can be linked with already existing ones (e. g. European weeks,
International mobility days, ...).


  • Synergy effects: You can strengthen the cooperation of EPICUR with your department and with your field of study/research.
  • Active minds: You can give voice to the transformation of universities in Europe.
  • Mobility: You will be part of an international team and network of hundreds of EPICUR staff and affiliates. Opportunity for travel (in accordance with Covid-regulations).
  • Communication: Assistance to news items production.
  • Network: Participation in EPICUR activities and events.

Ambassadors' Network

During the virtual EPICUR Forum in Thessaloniki, the 40 Ambassadors will meet to exchange on their experiences and make proposals about the long-term development of the network. At the end of their engagement, the ambassadors will obtain an ambassador's certificate detailing all of their accomplishments and skills. A small expense allowance for students is included.


The working language of EPICUR is English. All ambassadors are required to verify their proficiency of the English language in the spoken and written word. Proficiency in German as well as a long-standing knowledge of BOKU as a university and/or EPICUR are beneficial. All ambassadors are required to have a deep interest for at least one or two EPICURian topics (see for more information on our website, linked down below) and the European Universities initiative. Excellence in communication skills, social media, exchange of ideas, team work and an affinity for international work environments are beneficial.