Faculty Club

in DG/Schwackhöferhaus

Who can use this service?

Every student and employee at BOKU.

Which service is available?

The videoconference equipment at BOKU is located in the Faculty Club (attic of Schwackhöferhaus) and is permanently installed. It can be exclusively used in this room, and will be technically supported if needed. If you are planning to hold a room-independent, software-based conference, you are kindly asked to contact E-Learning-Services.

How can I book the videoconference equipment?

  1. Check previously whether the Faculty Club is available at the desired date. Room bookings for the Faculty Club can be found following this Link.
  2. Send a pre-reservation for the Faculty Club to monica.stoffaneller(at)boku.ac.at (multiple nominations possible).
  3. Schedule the conference including all participants (also at the partner university and the technical support there).
  4. Fix the room booking at monica.stoffaneller(at)boku.ac.at. Attention: All other pre-reservations will be canceled.
  5. Within 3 working days after the confirmation the BOKU support team will contact you.
  6. As soon as the technical details (IP-address and equipment) are confirmed, the booking is complete.

Please consider!

In case of a Defensio or Master's examination you have to ADDITIONALLY announce the exam at the registration office within the deadline. More details can be found here.

The conferencing system at the BOKU (type Tandberg QuickSet C20) itself does not support multipoint connections, but can attend a multipoint connection, if the system of your conferencing partner can offer this functionality. Otherwise only point-to-point connections are available.


Notiz: Support - videokonferenz@boku.ac.at