"Even in the dictionary 'effort' comes before 'success'..."

Curt Emmerich 1897-1975


...nevertheless we want to talk about some successfull stories to show how fruitful cooperations can lead to great achievements. We are looking forward to your ideas and the accomplishments we will achieve through joint effort!

facts and numbers

Since 2004, through collaboration with BOKU-inventors and other cooperation partners


  • more then 180 service invention disclosures were submitted
  • about 100 patent families respectively more than 300 patent applications were registered
  • nearly 300.000 EUR of revenues were generated
  • over 20 spin-offs were founded

Best of Biotech Award 2015 for BOKU Spin Offs (article in german)

BOKU Spin Off (with BOKU&TU-patent) has a lot of media presence (article in german)