3.000 Euro for your Start-up!

3.000 Euro for your Start-up!

The BOKU Start-up prize is endowed with € 3,000 and is awarded annually to BOKU-related start-ups. The award honors the best Start-up idea that led to a start-up.

Your Start-up founding is no longer than 5 years ago and meets the criteria of the SDGs? Then send us your documents and win the BOKU Start up Award 2019!

What is a BOKU reference?

  • You have studied at the BOKU and founded or started up with your acquired knowledge
  • You work or have worked at the BOKU and your idea corresponds to the values ​​of the BOKU or
  •  You have perfected your idea with the knowledge of BOKU experts.

What will be awarded?

  • Outstanding and / or exemplary performance in the development of new business concepts or
  • Foundations with social added value or
  • Contribution to the achievement of the SDGs or
  • Innovative ideas

How do you submit?

  • Introduce your start-up and let us know your business concept to max. 5 DIN A4 pages and refer to your contribution to the achievement of the SDGs
  • Send your documents to tto (at) boku.ac.at by 30th August 2019

What can you win?

  • 3,000 euros

The prize is available to the prize winners

How are the winners determined?

The winners will be selected by a jury during the jury meeting for the Innovation Award 2019. The submitted business concepts are forwarded to the jury and this agrees on a winner.

What is the process of the award ceremony?

The ceremony will take place during the BOKU Autumn Festival in Tulln, the winners will be informed in advance.

What is the schedule?

Submission: until 30th of August 2019

Jury session: 8th of October

Award ceremony: 17th of October as part of the BOKU Autumn Festival in Tulln

The submission can be made from now until 30th August 2019 to tto (at) boku.ac.at.

Further questions?

The technology transfer team will be happy to advise you.

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