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Management Measures by Silo-maize Cultivation

Part 1: Effects of Dung Manuring and Soil Herbicid Application on Maize Yield and Corn Aftercrops Yield by Ploughless Tillage


Six-year-results of a crop-rotation-trial, outlayed on calcic-chernozem and on sand podsol demonstrate only a moderate effect of the manuring with 30 t/ha dung to-silo-maize and only little aftereffect on winter wheat and winter rye.

This effect is eliminated as soon as residues of soil-herbicides on triazine basis applicated to maize still exist. Atrazine-residues led in wheat to medium yield losses between 6 and 8 % in grain and crude protein, and between 10 und 11 % in straw, respectively. Winter rye did not react so sensitively. Ploughless cultivation of wheat on black soil increased yields only in years with favourable weather. In dry years and on dry sandy soil ploughless tillage of rye caused decreasing yields.