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Potentiality for Soil Erosion Control and Improving Plant Production in Arid Zones

1st Communication: Laboratory and Electron Microscopic Investigations of Soil Stabilizers and Evaporation Inhibitors


The use of soil stabilizers and evaporation inhibitors was studied for more than ten years. Methods for assessing the products of being used for agriculture were developed. Three products have been found showing the following properties:

Bituplant 22, a 50 % anionic bitumen emulsion, applied at a rate of 1000 to 3000 l/ha, proved soil stabilizing, soil warming and reducing evaporation and soil crusting.

Sarea Soil Stabilizer, a powder, forms a colourless film and has to be applied at a rate of 100 kg/ha, diluted with 1000 l of water. Soil stabilization, reduction of evaporation and a fertilizing effect can be observed. Sarea Evaporation Inhibitor, a liquid product, applied at a rate of 75 l/ha with appropriate water amounts, forms a hydrophobic reversible layer at a depth of 10 to 15 mm. All the three products may also be applied as a mixture, if necessary.