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The effect of dicyandiamide containing nitrogen fertilizers on root-crops


1. Communication: The effect on sugar beet


In three years of field trials the effects of dicyandiamid-containing ammonium-sulfate-nitrate (ASN +DCD) on sugarbeet was compared with splitted and unsplitted ammonium-nitrate-lime (A-N-L) at different nitrogen rates under two different climatic and soil conditions. Sugar beet yield and yield of sugar showed no significant differences between nitrogen forms. The highest proceeds (expenses of fertilizers deducted) were obtained with splitted A-N-L (25 + 25 kg N/ha in a rather dry area and 40 + 40 kg N/ha in a wetter climate). According to analyses of total nitrogen supply in the soil during early growing stages, the inhibiting effect on nitrification of ASN-DCD can be confirmed. To sum up, the use of ASN + DCD to sugar beet showed no significant advantages or disadvantages. Key words: Dicyandiamide, nitrogen fertilizers, sugar beet, nitrification inhibitors, root crops.