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Effect of dietary protein and electrolyte balance on the performance of broiler chicks


In this experiment the effect of the level of dietary protein and electrolyte balance (Na + K – CI) on fattening, slaughtering performance and meat quality was tested. The trial consisted of four groups (four replicates per group) of 260 Vedette broiler chickens each. The chickens were reared on deep litter for 42 days. The electrolyte balance in feed mixture was 250, 350, 250, 350 meq/kg, while the protein content was 17, 17, 23 and 23 % respectively. Fattening performances was clearly effected by protein level. Regarding fat content of thigh muscle there was an effect of protein level and an interaction of protein level and electrolyte balance. Nutrient and mineral content of faeces was influenced by protein level as well as by electrolyte balance and there was an interaction between those factors for crude protein and potassium. From the data presented here it can be concluded that highest performance was achieved with a diet containing 23 % protein and an electrolyte balance of 250 meq/kg. Key words: broiler, protein, electrolyte balance, performance, faeces.