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Anther culture responsiveness of austrian winter wheat (Triticum sestivum L.) cultivars


Anther cultures have been performed to produce pollen plants from all members of the Austrian national list of winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cultivars. In two of 31 cultivars no plantlets were produced and three produced only albinos. More than half of the cultivars, including high-baking quality and highyielding cultivars, produced satisfactory numbers of green plants (more than one per 100 anthers). The mean percentage of green pollen plants was 9.4 % (11 cultivars in the first year), and 3.6 % (31 cultivars in the second year). A number of cultivars that gave low response in other studies, gave good yields of pollen plants in the present. Key words: wheat, anther culture, regeneration rate, varietal differences.