Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment


Investigations of the effectivity of mineral phosphorus-fertilizer use in the potato production


The objective of the practice-orientated spreading experiments was to analyse the influence of the amount and the date (spring or autumn) of mineral P-fertilizer application on yield and selected quality characteristics of potatoes. Also on soils with a good P-supply the observed three-year experimental results showed a positive response of potatoes to an annual P-application. Increased yield and a higher content of starch and starch yield could be determined. Compared to autumn fertilizer application the spring application of P-fertilizer before potato planting was of significant advantage in relation to the economic efficiency of potato production. According to the production value benefit and the utilization factor, the P-fertilizer could be used more effectivly. From the examined P-rates the mean P-rate offered the best effects. Key words: P-rate, date, yield, benefit, P-utilization.