Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment


Fertilizer placement to maize


In three years of field trials and under two different climatic conditions, the effect of broadcast nitrogen and phosphorus fertilization before sowing on maize was compared with different kinds of nitrogen and phosphorus placement on the basis of equal nutrient amounts (sideband placement of diammoniumphosphate [DAP] plus different split applications of nitrogen or in combination with the use of nitrogen fertilizers containing nitrification inhibitors). The most effective combination on the basis of yield and proceeds (fertilizer expenses deducted) was a "broadcast placement of ammonium-nitrate-lime and triple-phosphate before sowing together with a side band placement of DAP". A further differentiation concerning nitrogen source or split application on the heavy soils of the trial sites showed disadvantages in yield and proceeds. Key-words: maize, fertilizer placement, sideband application, nitrification inhibitor, top dressing.