Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment


Straw as a renewable resource of energy


It is possible to find only rough and simplified estimates on the occurrence of cereal straw in regional and seasonal distribution in Austria and its utilization. In connection with an intented use of cereal straw for biomass energy production, detailed investigations on the dispose of this fuel were made. In cooperation with the Federal Statistical Agency in Austria, statistical data were evaluated. Cereal straw output from year 1980 to 1993 was taken into consideration and conclusions were made in a geographical distribution down to the local municipal districts (Gemeinden). Further, the straw utilization in agriculture was evaluated by conducting a survey among a representative number of farm holders. The balance between straw harvested (output) and its use (input) showed a freely available amount of 350,000 t, which can be used for energetic purposes. Key-words: straw yield, straw use, straw balance sheet.