Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

D. Bogner and K. Bartl:

Parameters and Models concerning Spatial Processes in Urban Regions


Various models have been developed in order to structure, delimitate and analyse urban regions. They work either with static or dynamic parameters, which should be able to describe and explain the structure of the areas. Some of these parameters that influence spatial urban development are: work places, population density, commuters, availability of ground, distance from existing settlements and roads.

The authors of this article have developed a Simulation Model which is able to predict the future spatial development of urban regions. Using the parameters population, working places and commuters and their changes over a certain period in the past the model can estimate the growth of settlements over a future period. The future growth of settlements is located by using the distance from existing roads and settlements.

Key words: Urbanisation, Urban Growth Model, GIS Simulation Model, Linz, Spatial Planning.