Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

O. Meixner and R. Haas:

Cultural Landscape Planning in Austria: Transfer of Scientific Knowledge to Selected Target Groups by Applying the Analytic Hierarchy Process


The following paper gives a brief overview of the Austrian cultural landscape research programme and its underlying objectives. The paper also takes a conceptual look at how the programme intends to manage the implementation of research results in practical applications – the aim is to see genuine utilisation of research outcomes. Particular attention is given to the process by which products for development and marketing are to be selected from the huge range of research outcomes generated in the programme. This concerns the core issues of research marketing: How can scientific knowledge be better applied to real problems and how can this knowledge be best marketed. Marketing means identification of target groups, development of products which offer solutions to problems faced by target groups, and introduction of these products to the target groups through the use of appropriate marketing techniques.

Keywords: Knowledge Transfer, Decision Support System, Regional Marketing, Analytic Hierarchy Process, Cultural Landscape.