Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

V. Winiwarter:

Perceiving Landscapes: Diversity and Stereotypes of Landscape Images in Interdisciplinary Environmental Research


The paper presents research on landscape perception and imagery within the research program on sustainable development of Austrian cultural landscapes. Images of the landscape form an important part of the collective memory and identity of people. Historically and today we know of a multitude of ways to perceive of landscapes.

Sustainable development on the regional level is based on communication between experts and the public. Both this kind of communication and the inter-expert-processes needed in the respective research are hampered by a lack of reflection of guiding images of landscapes. Picture postcards are used as an example to discuss the formation of landscape images and their consequences. Implications for interdisciplinary research are shown by means of an example from conservation biology.

Key words: landscape perception, landscape images, interdisciplinary research, sustainable development, picture postcards.