Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

S. Vogel, M. F. Hofreither, W. Schneeberger, F. Weiß:

Factors of farm enlargement plans in the Austrian Mountain Regions


Economical, sociological and psychological determinants are used to explain farmers’ plans for enlargement. A regression model is estimated with data collected from 384 farmers in the Austrian mountain regions in 2000. The farmers with highest incomes have the strongest motivation towards enlargement. The intention to enlarge the farm land is less represented in organic farming and part-time farming than in their counterparts. Farms with a potential successor are more motivated with respect to enlargement than farms without a successor. The attitudes ‘caring for traditions is not an important function of agriculture for society’ and ‘buying industrial input is an important function of agriculture for society’ are positively related to farmers’ motivation towards enlargement. Key words: agriculture, farm size, farm succession, prognosis, interdisciplinarity.