Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

Wilhelm Opitz v. Boberfeld & Michaela Neff:

Prediction of digestibility and energy concentration of catch crops – a comparison of laboratory methods


The digestibility and energy concentration of different catch crops, including three Brassicaceae, were estimated with four laboratory methods – two in vitro methods with rumen fluid, one enzymatic and one chemical method. The in vitro methods with rumen fluid were more accurate, especially when fungal infection or secondary compounds could influence the activity of rumen microbes. The chemical method was not reliable for predicting digestibility of organic matter. The common regression equations should be renewed in consideration of catch crops, like Brassicaceae, and potential specific effects on digestibility of this group of feeds.

Key words: Digestibility of organic matter, energy concentration, estimation methods, catch crops, Brassicaceae.