Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

C. S. S. Ferreira, A. J. D. Ferreira, J. L. M. P. de Lima and J. P. Nunes:

Assessment of surface hydrologic properties on a small urbanized mediterranean basin: experimental design and first results


This paper presents the methodology and the first results of a study that is being developed in the Ribeira dos Covões micro-catchment, located in central Portugal, to study the impact of different land uses and the urbanization process on spatio-temporal hydrological changes based on a multi-scale approach. The aim of this study is to contribute for a better understanding on how land use changes impact hydrological processes. This is critical for predicting urban floods in fast urbanized areas and their mitigation (e.g. real-time flood warning procedures), which has become crucial for planning, management, and supporting the sustainable development of the basin. Key words: Experimental basin, urbanization, surface hydrology.