Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

P. Tachecí, P. Žlábek and M. Kaplická:

Analysis of parameters for distributed modelling of a hydrological regime in subcatchments of the Kopaninský Tok experimental catchment


A model of water movement at P6 subcatchment of the Kopaninský tok experimental catchment, based on available datasets, was calibrated and validated using the MIKE SHE 2009 modelling system and deterministic distributed approach. Hourly average discharge data for the 2006 vegetation period were used for calibration, with 2007–2009 data used for validation. Sensitivity analysis (using 2006 vegetation period data) of a group of subsurface model parameters was conducted. It is concluded that there are no clear local optimum parameter values; optimised parameter values differ according to the time step grid cell size used. Sensitivity analysis results differ according to the method (central/backward difference) and perturbation factor. Key words: Small catchment, hydrologic regime modelling, rainfall- runoff modelling, distributed deterministic model MIKE SHE, model calibration, sensitivity analysis.