patent search for universities at the patent office

For succesfull research work it is necessary to know the state-of-the-art. This knowledge is not only important at the beginning of a scientific work, it also may have further input into science. The austrian patent office has a comprehensive documentation and more than 100 highly qualified specialists in all fields of technology, in order to evaluate this documentation and make it usable.

The austrian patent office offers under the name "UNI / FHS / HTL - Service" a service package, in which it is possible to get free information on the state of the art to a technical problem. To make use of this (§ 33 patent act) free services you have to fill in a request to the austrian patent office as well as the presentation of a confirmation of the head of the institute (universities). If you have questions, please contact the Team Technoloy Transfer.
--> link to the related website of the patent office (in german!) After LogIn you can download a template for the patent search confirmation of the department!

Do your own patent search?

The patent registers of the patent offices in austria and europe allow an easy and quick patent search. The team technology transfer offers at irregular intervals workshops. Please inform yourself about the offer or just ask for it.