Research at the Institute for Biotechnology in Plant Production

The Institute for Biotechnology in Plant Production performs basic and applied research on agricultural crop plants with en emphasis on plant breeding, plant genetics, phytopathology and disease resistance. Based on classical plant breeding methods the modern tools of structural and functional genomics are applied to solve relevant problems in a plant breeding context. The development of biotechnological tools like molecular markers for complex plant traits (QTL) and research on gene expression are core activities of the institute. The genetic analysis of complex traits (QTL) by use of molecular markers will lead to the development of novel and efficient selection tools for plant breeders. Our institute aims to serve as a link between basic research and the application of life science results in practical plant breeding. The institute has besides a modern laboratory infrastructure a strong basis in field based experimentation, as well as a greenhouse and several growth chambers. Current research focuses on disease resistance of cereals maize and pumpkin.