Modern reproduction techniques in cattle breeding

Embryo transfer and in-vitro-production of embryos

The production of embryos using modern reproduction techniques enables the effective utilisation of animals with a high genetic value. The production of multiple embryos from live animals is possible by induced superovulation, artificial insemination and flushing of the embryos from the womb (Embryo transfer). In animals that does not respond to hormonal stimulation, oocytes can be obtained by endoscopy or by ultra-sound-guided techniques (OPU = ovum pick up). The oocytes are then inseminated in the laboratory, and develop into embryos (IVP = in-vitro-production of embryos). By using IVP, embryos can even be produced from slaughtered animals, whose ovaries are brought to the laboratory within a short time. Contact: Urban Besenfelder Embryonenentnahme- und Embryonentransfereinheit

EU-standardized embryo winning and transfer unit